What I Ate Wednesday #8

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Where I live we are having some really warm weather so it’s been in the mid 70s and 80s the past couple days, which is crazy! I’m not complaining though because I’d take warm weather over cold weather ANY day! Fall weather is beautiful and perfect because it’s not too hot or cold, but I’ve been loving having warm weather to wear shorts and a t-shirt in, again. I’m definitely a warm weather gal.

I’m linking up today with the lovely creator of WIAW, Jenn, and her co-hosts for todays post. I’m recapping my day of eats from Sunday, which was the first of the unseasonably warm weathered days.


I woke up Sunday and the only thing I wanted for breakfast was a nice bowl of oats. My mom took out her pack of oats and started making her breakfast and then I went to grab my pack but when I put my hand in the box, there were none left! We always have backup in my house because we go through oats so quickly but, of course, we were completely out. I was literally so upset because all I was craving was oatmeal but I had no option but to have something else. Instead, I took a tortilla, spread some cinnamon raisin peanut butter on it, rolled it up and grilled it on my George Foreman grill. I paired it with a banana drizzled with almond butter as well as my usual green tea.  img_3636


Lunch was the same as last week’s sandwich. Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel toast with honey mustard, avocado, turkey, and spinach, paired with pretzels and berries. img_2891


My new favorite protein shake (which I tried for the first time this day) PEScience frosted chocolate cupcake make with almond milk img_3643


A favorite dinner in our house was on the menu tonight! Didn’t snap a picture (of course) but here’s the one from the website. This is a 100% MUST try recipie. I cannot control myself when it comes to these vegetables, I take a bunch and always go back for some more. Good thing my dad makes A LOT because we are all obsessed! The carrots are especially amazing because my dad actually boils them first and then they absorb the balsamic so nicely. Literal perfection. This paired with our beloved sweet potato shreds made for the perfect meal. Shreds is the best way to eat sweet potatoes in my sister and I’s opinion, and we love sweet potatoes all ways! They always come out amazing. If you try them you will be addicted because they are crack. balsamicchickenandvegetables-550x825

Night Snack:

My mom and I ended our night with baked cookie dough quest bars with lots of white chocolate peanut butter and some dark chocolate peanut butter for me. Washed it down with some almond milk and called it a day! img_2816

That’s all for this week’s edition of What I Ate Wednesday! Fun fact: the only thing I actually took a picture of on Sunday was breakfast! The other pictures are recycled pictures that may have some little differences to them. I always delete pictures off my phone but forget to delete off my computer so I guess it’s a blessing and curse at the same time haha.

I hope you all are having a fab week so far! I’ll be back tomorrow with a more talky/personal post! Love you guys ❤




4 Comments Add yours

  1. I found that I did like the Quest bar when it was baked in the microwave, but they were a little too sweet for me.

    Your idea for breakfast is GENIUS; I love how you turned it around and made something so delicious. That’s such a fancy yummy breakfast!


  2. I love that I crave healthy food and am literally drooling over that pan of roasted vegetables! What a day of yummy eats. Bummer about the oats though, we always run out of oatmeal crazy fast at our house, I need a wholesale size container for sure!


  3. That dinner seriously looks delicious! I love roast chicken and veggie meals – they’re always so tasty and simple!


  4. I’ve heard good things about that PEScience protein powder but I haven’t tried it yet! That flavor sounds awesome!


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