Weekly Favorites

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did 🙂 I didn’t get around to writing a post on Friday but had some weekly favorites that I wanted to share with you all. I missed the Friday Favorites train so I’m bringing you a Monday Favorites post! I am excited to share with you some of the highlights from this past week!


I managed to go hiking 2 times this week! I love hiking and don’t go nearly as much as I wish I did. It always happens that when I do go they are around the same time but then I go weeks without going again because of busy schedules and weather conditions. Fall is literally the PERFECT weather for hiking. Not too hot, not too cold. Crisp fresh air. Also, since I hike in the woods, the Fall foliage is absolutely stunning when it surrounds you and when you look out over the cliffs at all the trees.

The Lion’s Choice Edible Cookie Dough:

I had heard about theLion’s Choice through Instagram. All of a sudden, a bunch of people started eating and talking about it. I tried the birthday cake flavored peanut butter over the summer but was disappointed. It wasn’t as good as people hyped it up to be but I also think I could’ve done better with a different flavor. Then, while I was away at school, I was bored and trying to cheer myself up and decided to give the products another chance because people still keep talking about how much they love it. This time though, I ordered the chocolate chip edible cookie dough. It came and then within the next couple of days I left school and it got forgotten about in the move. I found it in my fridge the other day and remembered I had to try it. It was SO GOOD! I really enjoyed it! It was kind of like a no bake cookie. Seriously so yummy and now I’m starting to understand the hype! Another great thing is the company donates to charity for every purchase made:) img_3642

Apple Picking!

finally went apple picking this week with my sister and dad! We picked a ton of apples and should be good for a while on our supply. I have been eating lots of apples lately and have no complaints about it! It was empty when we went too because it was mid afternoon on a weekday. We basically had the orchard to ourselves! Usually, we go on Columbus Day or the weekend so it’s packed and all the trees open are almost empty, only the apples super high up would still be on the tree. But, since we went during the week, there were no crowds at all and they must’ve just opened up a new section of the orchard because there were so many apples on the trees and they were easily accessible! It was a win all around. They also had some really awesome pumpkins that I wanted to get but we forgot to stop on our way out 😦

Fresh Picked Apples

I guess this one could go without saying but I have been LOVING my fresh apples! I have at least one daily. Plain, with cinnamon, with peanut butter, with the edible cookie dough, dipped in my yogurt/oatmeal/almond butter mixture, microwaved, baked, in salad, in oats, the limit does not exist on ways to eat apples! Of course you could bake with them too but unfortunately I’m not the best baker. My sister and I tried to make apple crisp one time years ago and it came out terrible. I leave the apple desserts to my aunt who makes THE BEST apple crisp and pie in the world ❤


PEScience Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Protein

Another product/ company that I heard so many good things about. I ordered samples of the snickerdoodle, peanut butter cup and cookies and cream over the summer and tried to make a shake with the cookies and cream one but was not impressed at all and ended up tossing it. I think part of the problem was it was only half a serving as opposed to one full serving. My sister tried the peanut butter cup one (which was a full serving) while I was at school and LOVED it. So, she went and bought a full sized tub, but, she bought the frosted cupcake flavor. She kept telling me how good it was but I never got around to trying it. That is until after our hike on Sunday and OMG she was right! It was SO good! The best protein I’ve had! The Instagram hype was worth it. It came out nice and thick how I like it but not overly thick and heavy like I was finding the Quest to be. img_3643

Season Premier of The Middle

The Middle is finally back! My family and I love this show as well as Modern Family. We’re happy to have new episodes back in our lives. They’re not on on the same night anymore but at least now we’ll have a show on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. We love keeping up with the Hecks on The Middle, they never fail to make us laugh. We’re very glad to see what they’re up to on a weekly basis again 🙂

Modeling in Athleta Fashion Show

My sister works at the store Athleta and on Friday night they were having an in-store fashion show. I told my sister if they needed any models that I wanted to do it. The manager in charge of the show said I was in and I was so happy! I actually found out I was in the show right after I found out I didn’t get the job at Lululemon so it was just the good news I needed to help cheer me up at the time. I was super excited for the show all week and day leading up to the show. Right before, I was really nervous and questioning why I signed up. It was a small and casual show but I was nervous because I’d never done anything like it before and didn’t want to trip or mess up. I ended up having a lot of fun. There were younger girls in the show too because they now have a Girls line there. Everyone was really nice and not models themselves so we all felt the same nerves and awkwardness about it. There was one girl who wasn’t supposed to be in the show but was accidentally given an outfit in the confusion. They realized it was the wrong girl and had to take it away from her but then added in another outfit just for her because she was so happy and excited when she thought she was going to be in the show. She was so excited the whole time we were in the back waiting to go out. She was talking to everyone and anxiously waiting her turn to go. She made sure the next person to go was ready and wished everyone good luck. She was seriously so cute and such a breath of fresh air. When she went out she jumped and skipped all down the runway and you could tell how happy she truly was. She had the time of her life and didn’t care about what she looked like while she was doing it. After meeting and seeing her, it really inspired me to truly cultivate more fearlessness and confidence in my life. I’m so happy I did the show, I really loved the experience!

I had a lot of good experiences this past week and tried some new yummy foods! Although my week started on a down note after having to get a bone density scan (cross our fingers for good results) and getting declined from the job I wanted, the week turned out pretty great. It’s important to always focus on the positives and not dwell in the negative. Sometimes, the one negative can take over and dull out all the positives. I need to remember to always look at the bright side, because there always is one.

I hope you all had a great week last week as well!

Now tell me..

What was one highlight of your week?

Have you tried any new foods lately?

Talk to you soon xoxo



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  1. Lyss says:

    I love athleta! so cool you got to model for them 🙂 And I need to go apple picking!Nothing like some fresh apples. Wish I had more time to do all the fun fall stuff!!


    1. I love Athleta not only for their clothes but what they stand for as a company. Fall activities are a lot of fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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