Thinking Out Loud 10/13/16

Welcome back loves! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. This week is flying by! It’s Thursday which means Thinking Out Loud!  It’s the perfect excuse for me to ramble on about random things in my life/ on my mind. As always, thank you Amanda, for hosting this awesome linkup for us bloggers to share what’s been on our minds!

  1. The leaves are starting to change here and the temperatures are beginning to drop. The weather here has been literally perfect lately. It’s chilly in the morning but by the afternoon it’s in the mid-high 60s. Perfect legging and light sweater weather. I love it! I’m your basic girl when it comes to loving the Fall. It’s just so pretty with all the different colors and the cool weather but still pretty warm, not cold. Also, I love the fall foods like different squashes, apples, and a bunch of other yummy stuff!img_3604
  2. Also with the Fall comes the start of the holiday season! I’m holiday obsessed, it’s one of my favorite times of the year. This might sound crazy but, I already started my Christmas list. I never start it this early, usually I make it around Thanksgiving but, I thought of something I wanted to ask for and didn’t want to forget, so I wrote it in the notes on my phone. It always happens to me where I think of things that I want or need and then it comes time to make my list and I remember thinking “oh, I need to ask for that for Christmas!” but don’t remember what it was. This year, I’m trying write things down that I actually need when I think of them, rather than just coming up with broad outlines of what I want.
  3. Fall makeup inspired looks have been all over Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram and I have been OBSESSED. I used to be super into makeup and would do it all the time even just to hang around my house! I obsessively watched all the beauty gurus on YouTube and wanted to become a makeup artist. That was when I was in 8th-9th grade and then I started to become a lazy high school girl who would rather sleep in. I still loved makeup but would really just focus on it for special occasions. I also still watch YouTube tutorials, just not as many because a lot of the girls who made the videos actually expanded their channels to be more than beauty anyway. But, as of late, as I see all these Fall inspired looks, it has inspired me to play around with makeup more. This week I practiced doing some looks myself while I was hanging around the house. I truly do love makeup and will always have it as a passion/ hobby of mine. img_3621(sorry for the bad quality but it’s really hard to try and take a picture of your eye makeup yourself. I couldn’t really capture the colors but I was happy with how it looked! Also, I apologize for my eyebrows! I need to get them waxed ASAP!)
  4. A couple of people I know have gotten tattoos in the past week which has caused me to be thinking of maybe getting one. If I got one I would want something simple and small. Maybe something in writing or a small design (outline of the continents, lotus, mandala, or NEDA symbol) I don’t know if I’ll get one any time soon but I think one day I would like to get one.

e16562151f567fac83278e4e47abde405. I mentioned earlier in the week that I went for my first job interview on Saturday. I found out the other day that I didn’t get the job and they are going to go with someone else. I was so upset when I found out, more upset than I thought I would be. I really wanted this job, it is my dream job. I guess I’ve never really dealt with rejection before so that’s also part of the reason it upset me so much. I know it’s just a part of life and I am thankful for the experience. It just wasn’t meant to be and I need to accept that.

6. The other day my sister came downstairs in the morning listening to a podcast. I was immediately drawn in and we spent a lot of the day listening. She listened to all of it whereas I only got some parts of it whenever I was able to listen with her. It’s called In the Dark and it’s about a kidnapping case from the 80s that they just found the body for and solved about a month ago. It’s so fascinating and I plan to finish it on my own.

7. Today when I went for a walk at one of the local lakes/parks there were a bunch of people over by the playground area. I was a little confused at first but just ignored it and started my walk. When I was on the other side of the lake, directly across from the playground, I heard the people call “ACTION” and saw film trucks set up. When I was finished I noticed a sign saying that they were filming for an NBC show called The Path. I’ve never heard of it but I might make it into the background of one of the episodes! If you see a girl wearing a purple long sleeve shirt and crazy patterned pants in the background of a scene at a park, that’s me!! I made it!


8. My mom is all caught up on Jane the Virgin and we are anxiously awaiting the season premiere on Monday! I literally cannot wait to see what happens. AHHH, I’m so excited for Monday night!

Well, it’s Wednesday night now and I think my dad is almost done cooking dinner so I’m gonna end here so I can go eat! Love me my dad’s cooking. That’s pretty much the main things going through my brain right now. Also election stuff but that is just a thing of it’s own and I’d rather this be an election free zone. All I’ll say is how the heck did it get between these two people?!  I’m not a fan of either and feel like it’s a game of would you rather.

Anyway, I hope you all are having an amazing week! I’ll talk to you tomorrow xoxo



4 Comments Add yours

  1. I feel so cheated with fall! We had like… 2 weeks of it… and then the snow fell and we lost all the leaves on the trees. Blah. It’s cold AF too 😛 And sorry to hear about the job, lady. Rejection definitely sucks, but it’s also one of those unavoidable parts of life. It just means better things are in your future!


    1. Omg I am nowhere near ready for snow yet! Thank you for reminding me that better things are coming! I already have another interview this week!


  2. Lyss says:

    yes get the NEDA tattoo, we can be twins 🙂 I love your makeup too girl! And I feel you on fall… I love watching the leaves change and the colder weather. Seriously the best season!


    1. I love your tattoo! Seeing yours made me really want one for myself!


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