Currently: October 2016

Hey babes and welcome back to the blog! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I didn’t manage to do all the things I had planned on/hoped to do because it was a lot and the weather was not in my favor (AKA no apple picking ūüė¶ ).

I still had a great weekend and even managed to make a little cash babysitting! It was the same little girl as the other day and she’s still sick. I feel so bad for her, she has the worst cough. All she does is constantly cough and cough. Hopefully she gets better soon!

I also had my first ever job interview which I was SO nervous for but I think it ended up going pretty well! It was pretty chill and it was a group interview but still intimate because there were only two other girls and one was one of my besties. We were so glad to have each other there for moral support. Fingers crossed that I get the job but if not that’s cool too. I’m thankful for the experience!

I also went to a college’s open house on Sunday and originally I didn’t really want to go because I didn’t think I was really that interested in the school. I was only expressing interest because it is one of the only schools nearby that has the program I’m interested in but ended up loving the school! I’m so glad I went, it was such a positive experience. i talked to them all about my transfer situation and went to an information session for the nutrition program. The only downside to the morning was the terrible weather which I was not appropriately dressed for. It was rainy and cold out and I didn’t have a hood, raincoat, or umbrella, and wore my moccasin shoes. Not exactly ideal, I didn’t know it was going to be so rainy.

Okay, enough rambling about some of the things I did this weekend. Let’s get started on the actual point of this post. I’m going to go through this month’s¬†currently¬†post! I know I didn’t do one for September and I don’t think I did one for August either. I love reading these posts and it’s fun to fill out! Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Currently listening to:

Being the yogi that I am, I have been loving MC Yogi‘s newest album¬†Ritual Mystical.¬†I love his music! I’ve also been loving the album¬†Hymns of Spirit¬† by¬†Beautiful Chorus. Both yogic music but also uplifting and positive and I’ve been loving them lately.

Currently Drinking:

Chai tea lattes from Starbucks! The weather is finally cooling down enough to have a hot drink. It’s chai season!

Currently Reading:

I JUST started this a couple hours ago and haven’t read much of it at all but, I’m currently reading¬†Defending Jacob¬†by William Landay. It was on¬†Julie’s¬†list of book recommendations from a couple months ago. It was on my list of books to read this summer and I never got to it until now.

Current Food:

I made another batch of homemade almond butter the other day and have been eating it nonstop! It’s seriously SO GOOD and so easy to make! I made a much bigger batch than last time ūüėČ It’s already halfway gone though, my sister and I are obsessed! But, as soon as I go apple picking I know I’ll be all over apples all the time! I just love fresh apples, I can’t wait to get some. No matter what kind they are, when they are fresh picked, they are all so delicious! My almond butter plus apples is going to be the perfect combo ūüėČ

Current Workout:

Obviously yoga because I love it and how it makes me feel but I’ve also been going on walks in the beautiful fall weather (when it’s not raining!) and just started doing PopSugar Fitness workouts, and I’ve been loving them! I do the short circuit videos and have been having so much fun doing them.

Current Procrastination:

College transfer applications and getting in touch with my high school to tell them to send transcripts over.

Current TV show:

I hadn’t been watching The Office since before I went to Europe! :O I didn’t have any time at school but now that I’ve been home I’m back to regularly watching that as well as¬†Friends.¬†We’ve also been watching¬†Jane the Virgin¬†every night to catch my mom up before the new season starts on the 17th. I cannot wait! I love this show and feel it is so underrated! Not enough people watch and they really should! It’s so crazy and funny.

Current need:

To go apple picking!!!

Current craving:

Fresh picked apples!

Current blessing:

Absolutely amazing family and friends who have been so supportive of me lately. Leaving college was not easy but everyone has been there for me and supportive of my decision. They all just want what’s best for me and what is going to make me happy. I’m so beyond grateful to have such amazing people in my life ‚̧ Also, I’m so happy to have been able to see some of my best friends this weekend! We might have hugged for like 5 minuets and started tearing up. I’m thankful to have such close and strong friendships.


That’s all for this Currently post! I hope you all enjoyed reading about what’s currently up in my life. Have an amazing week my lovelies!

What’s current in your life this month?

Talk to you soon!







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  1. Lyss says:

    yay for making some money! that’s always a good feeling. I’ve been loving chais from starbucks too. Chai tea lattes with soy milk are my favee!!


    1. I love chai tea lattes! I’m not a soy milk person though. They have almond milk now and I have to try that!


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