Top 3 Friday #6

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe it’s Friday already. It feels like I just got home yesterday. These last days of summer are going by SO FAST, which is the opposite of what I need right now. I wish time would slow down a bit more but sadly, there is no avoiding it. Summer is coming to an end. I am lucky enough to have as long of a summer as I do! My friends are all moved in and some already had a full week of classes!

Today I’m recapping this week’s Top 3, as per my usual Friday post. As always, thank you to our lovely hostess, Kate, for creating this linkup for us to take part in. I love sharing the Top 3 from my week almost as much as I love hearing everyone else’s!

Top 3 Eats:

  1. Sadly, no pictures here but, the AMAZING Greek food I ate off the ship in Athens and Mykonos. I still cannot get over how delicious and fresh and just absolutely amazing it was! Okay, okay, this is technically from last week but I didn’t get to post last week! I’ll cheat and add an extra 😉
  2. This one counts for this week because I ate it on Saturday! This amazing gelato in Venice is 100% a top eat from this week for me. It was from Grom and was the best gelato I’ve ever had! I actually looked up the best gelato places in Venice to show my family some real gelato, and this was the one we found! I was actually hoping this would be the one because I saw Robyn went to one while she was in Italy and it looked delicious! I got the Stracciatella flavor which is vanilla with chocolate chips or shavings! IMG_3365
  3. I have been loving being home again with my dad’s cooking and other good quality food! The other night he made one of my favorite dinners which I’ve mentioned a million times before, balsamic marinated grilled chicken topped with fresh mozzarella and tomato with sweet potato hash browns, and grilled asparagus! This is actually an old picture but we had the exact same thing lol. This time we used the balsamic vinegar that we bought in Italy, which was amazing and made it even better than usual! IMG_2903
  4. This lunch from the other day! Almost exactly the same as the one in my WIAW post from this week since I loved it so much! This time I added watermelon to my salad though (which I’d never tried before and was good!) and used my beloved cinnamon raisin Ezekiel english muffin! The avocado wasn’t fully ripe yet this day though 😦 Oh well, still delicious 🙂IMG_3388

Top 3 Lows:

  1. Vacation coming to an end. I had such a good time on my trip and wish I could’ve stayed in Greece and Italy forever!
  2. Monday night I said goodbye to my 3 best friends and it was so hard. I was fine during the goodbyes but as soon as I got in my car to drive home I broke down. I cried the entire ride home and it took me a while to pull myself together. I can’t imagine how I’m supposed to live without them this year.
  3. Stress about school starting. I won’t get too into it but the reading I still have been putting off, realizing what I want to study and knowing they don’t have a program for it, not being ready to leave home, still not having everything I need, buying books, and so much more. I’m really overwhelmed and I’m not gonna lie have broken down crying a few times over it.

Top 3 Highs:

  1. Having real, good quality, and home cooked meals after a week of kinda crappy cruise food.
  2. My trip of course! It was so much fun and I had an amazing time. Like I said, I wish it did’t have to end. Take me back to the beautiful Mykonos, eating amazing Greek salad and pita bread!
  3. Getting back to my yoga studios. I was able to do yoga on the ship almost daily but I missed my usual teachers and studios. I love the people at the studios and missed them. I just love the energy and atmosphere of being in a class with other people.

Top 3 Instagrams:


I actually went to this smoothie shop in Malibu when I was there in May and took a picture in this exact spot! I LOVED this place! I was so happy we discovered it! It was perfect for post hike.

Top 3 Reads:

  1. I have been loving Liane Moriarity lately! In my last Top 3 post I believe I mentioned her book The Husband’s Secret and now this week I read her newest book, Truly Madly Guilty. I really enjoy her writing style and both of the books I’ve read by her. I’m currently making my way through another book of hers, Big Little Lies, which I’m sure you could guess by now, I’m loving!
  2. This post on Refinery 29- Weight Watchers Led To My Eating Disorder — Here’s How
  3. Technically two posts but Victoria’s posts on her past struggles with disordered eating and how she overcame them. I loved hearing a dietician’s perspective to see not everyone is perfect. Even dietitians struggle and weren’t always as balanced and free with food as they are now.

That’s all for this week! It was a good week for me between vacation and also being home, getting back into my normal routine. It was also a little rough college wise and saying goodbye to my friends. I’m looking forward to the weekend, my parents, sister and I are doing a 5k walk to fundraise the cause of alcohol and drug dependencies and raise awareness for the cause. The walk is actually being held in memory of one of my friend’s from yoga’s brother. I might also get a hike in one day and will probably finish up college shopping. Monday I head up to Lake George for a couple days to visit my sister and celebrate her birthday with her! I hope you all had a great week and weekend ahead! Love you all, talk to you soon!



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lyss says:

    aw girl, it is so hard to say bye to friends before school. But know you will stay in touch and can FT them whenever!! I’m so glad you had fun on your trip. I would love to go to greece and italy! happy friday babe


    1. I know we’ll talk all the time but it’s going to be hard not seeing them in class everyday 😦 Happy Friday to you too, have good weekend!


  2. Emily Swanson says:

    I really loved Victoria’s posts on her struggles and learning from her has been so awesome.

    It sounds like you had an AMAZING experience on the cruise; I would love to go to Greece someday.

    Getting back home is always bittersweet after a vacation. I do love coming home, but it’s sometimes hard to get back into the routine. Eating good homecooked food does make the transition easier! 🙂

    I’ll be praying for all my friends in school, that the transition would be smooth and exciting!


    1. I need the prayers as I’m really struggling with making this transition.


  3. Kate Bennett says:

    I want to read Liane Moriarty’s new book! I need some fun reads in my life.
    That is so exciting you got to spend time in Greece- what an amazing life opportunity. You’ll have to try to recreate some of the meals you had while you were there.
    Best of luck with the move back to college- I know it is so hard to goodbye to family and friends!


    1. I will definitely try to recreate the Greek meals! Thanks you for the good wishes!


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