WIAW: Full Day of Eating

Happy hump day! I’m coming back this week with another What I Ate Wednesday post, this time going through a full day of my eats! I’m linking up with Jenn to join in on the food sharing fun. This is a recap of everything I ate Tuesday. I’m so happy to be back to my normal, regular foods, after the low quality cruise foods haha.


Cinnamon raisin Ezekial English muffin with TJ’s almond butter and a banana with TJ’s peanut butter drizzled on top. This was my first time having one of these muffins in almost two weeks and boy oh boy did I miss them! Seriously, if you’ve never tried these, you HAVE to! (Old picture but same breakfast lol I like what I like 🙂 )image


A delicious and big peach!image


Salad with a mix of romaine and spinach as the base topped with turkey, roasted rainbow carrots, strawberries, and balsamic vinigarette along side a Thomas multigrain English muffin with avocado. Super yummy lunch, this salad was soooo good! It was my first time trying this combo and I loved the strawberries in there!



Self made trail mix of roasted cashews, almonds, pistachios, a couple leftover honey roasted almonds, and raisins. Trail mix is addictive!image


it was fajita night in my house! I grilled up a wrap then stuffed it with chicken, sautéed peppers and onions, spinach, avocado, and mango peach salsa. This is my family’s version of fajitas, a little different than the typical but basically the same. (I swear it’s all there, hiding under my veggies! 🙂 )image


Chocolate chip cookie dough quest bar with white chocolate wonderful and dark chocolate dreams peanut butters and almond milk to end off the nightimage

That concludes my full day of eating! It’s fun sharing some of the things I eat with you all and seeing different things you guys eat. It’s a good way to find new foods or combinations to try out! I hope you enjoyed seeing my eats! Talk to you tomorrow!



14 Comments Add yours

  1. Trader Joe’s nut butters are soooo good! I love them! But I also love the PB&co chocolate ones that you have up there!


    1. Trader Joe’s and Pb&co have my heart with all nut butters!


  2. Emily Swanson says:

    I love seeing all these eats; what makes Ezekiel bread unique? I’ve seen it so many places, but it’s kind of expensive. However I would love to try it! Loving all the nut butter in this post. Happy WIAW!


    1. I’m not really sure what makes it unique, I’d have to look lol. I just heard about it, tried it, and fell in love!


  3. That salad does look amazing! And I love your dessert. I’ve never had the white chocolate peanut butter, but I love peanut butter and I love white chocolate so I wonder if I should try it!


    1. Yes! White chocolate peanut butter is the best! It’s also kind of addicting 😉


  4. Oh my goodness, I could so go for some toast right now after seeing your English Muffins!!


    1. toast is always a good idea!


  5. That white chocolate PB is my favvvorite. Also, your salad looks so amazing! I love adding strawberries to salads.


    1. White chocolate peanut butter is heaven! And I’m now obsessed with strawberries in salad! I’ve gotten it out before but never did it myself, I don’t know why!


  6. Ellie says:

    I almost bought Ezekiel English muffins today but had to decide between them and waffle mix…and I’m a waffle girl 😉 I’ll get them next time!


    1. That sounds like a tough decision!


  7. Lyss says:

    that salad looks so good! Love english muffins with avocado. So delish !! And your breakfast looks amazing 🙂


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