Mental Health Monday: Self Care

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great weekend! I didn’t do too much, just hung around and took care of some college shopping. I also went for a hike! I haven’t been hiking in months and I missed it. I love hiking! It was just a quick evening hike, nothing too long or strenuous, with great views of the river below.

Today I am linking up with Julia for Mental Health Monday! I always love reading all the links for this. Mental health is so important and necessary for all round wellbeing. A healthy mind leads to a healthy life! 🙂Mental-Health-Monday-Logo-1

In order to help our mental wellbeing, we need to take the time to take care of ourselves. You know what they always say on an airplane, “you need to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others.” So many people in the world today forget this. They do not take time to ‘pamper’ themselves.

Everyone needs some self care in their life. Self care is different for everyone, just do what makes you feel good and happy. It needs to be something that is just for YOU though. My therapist stressed the importance of self care for me in recovery and using it as a coping mechanism. I struggled with this at first. “What do you mean, do things for myself? Do what is best for me and my mental being rather than what someone else wants? Isn’t that selfish?!” Especially while feeling so worthless from an eating disorder, it’s hard to do things to treat ourselves.

My biggest form of self care during recovery and to this day is yoga. I didn’t even realize at first that yoga was self care when I started. I just did it because my sister was teacher and I wanted to support her. I also began whilst in the midst of my eating disorder days so to me it was just another way to burn additional calories. Eventually, especially during recovery, it became so much more. It was helping me cope with my eating disorder and healing my mind and body connection. Yoga has helped heal me in so many ways. Taking the time out of my day to get on my mat and move my body for ME in a way that feels good, is my ultimate self care.

Yoga is an outlet for me. I remember when I first began seeing a doctor for my eating disorder, I was going through the hardest time of my life. I was carrying such a heavy heart and mind. So many emotions were running through me that I would cry laying in pigeon pose. I know that might sound weird or irrelevant but if you know yoga, you know that pigeon is a hip opener. We all carry tension in our hips. One of my yoga teachers says “our hips are the emotional junk drawer of our body.” By opening my hips, my emotions were flooding out of me. Ah, that mind body connection. This is where I began to realize how real it was. So, I continued my yoga. As I gained weight, I became stronger, and my practice grew. It made me feel more confident in my body and appreciate what it can do. I am damn PROUD of my body and what it is capable of. All through yoga, I have provided that care for myself by taking the time to do it.

Now, I make self care a priority. I have a regular yoga practice which never fails to help change my perspective and turn around a bad day. In addition I’ve found other ways to practice self care. I read books, I go for walks and hikes, I listen to podcasts, I color, I read blogs, and now I started my own. These are all ways that help me mind, body and spirit. They are all forms of my personal self care that I utilize often. Other times, I get massages, go shopping, hang with friends, get my nails done, treat myself in any way I feel necessary.

Self care will be different for everyone but it is so important to take the time to do. EVERYONE needs self care. Not just people with an eating disorder but every person in the world. It’s okay to be ‘selfish’ and put yourself first. In order to be a better person in other aspects of our life and have quality relationships, we need to take care of ourselves first. No one is too busy to treat themselves. You have to make you a priority. It will change your life and you won’t regret it. You will realize that you’re not self absorbed and will actually be more present in all other aspects of your life. Your relationship with yourself and others will benefit immensely!

Alright, I’ve started rambling again, what’s new? I’ll wrap this up here. Thank you Julia for hosting this wonderful linkup! I hope you enjoy this post and that you practice self care daily. I know I do!

So tell me…

  • What is your favorite form of self care? 

Talk to you guys soon!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ellie says:

    I think my favorite form of self care is allowing myself to be alone. I’m not a party animal nor do I like to force myself to go out. It’s not fun or healthy for me. So, I stopped doing that and I am completely happy with it 🙂


  2. Lyss says:

    love this! Yoga has helped me so much throughout the years. I really think it can do wonders for our mental health. Yoga is my favorite form of self care along with listening to podcasts or taking a nap!


    1. Yoga has so many mental health benefits, when I started I didn’t even realize how much of an impact it would have on me. I love podcast too!


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