Thinking Out Loud #3

Today I will be thinking out loud thanks to the lovely, Amanda! I love sharing the thoughts that come across my mind, some of which might be a little crazy 🙂 I hope you like reading my rambles.Thinking-Out-Loud

  1. I don’t know about you guys but, I was a fan of Fuller House when it came out on Netflix earlier this year. It was cheesy and a bit much at times, but that’s why I liked it. The show brought back memories of my childhood since I used to watch the reruns NONSTOP. I can’t wait for the new season to come out. I don’t know when it is going to be released, but I hope it is soon!fuller-house-season-two
  2. This heat wave has not ended yet and it is h-o-t, HOT, here everyday, all day! I find myself needing to go inside for AC breaks throughout the day. Some days are so hot and humid I can’t even eat my lunch outside, which I love to do in the summer.
  3. I tried the new oatmeal chocolate chip Quest bar and I LOVE it! I think it may just be my new favorite. I’m a huge oatmeal cookie fan, and it did not disappoint! I loved the cinnamony taste and real oat chunks throughout. FullSizeRender-1
  4. I’ve seriously been procrastinating college shopping but now as I see the days dwindling down it’s becoming more real, and I’m realizing just how much I need to buy. I only have like 4 of the things on the checklist, so yeah, that’s great. I don’t even know where to begin! It’s kind of overwhelming.
  5. Yesterday I found out who my roommate is going to be next year! I was excited to find out who I will be living with for the school year, and it really makes everything seem so much more real. I think I was using not knowing who my roommate was as an excuse to not start shopping yet so now I have no excuses! My school requires that all freshmen are a assigned a random roommate and don’t let you choose one yourself. I would’ve done random anyway because it’s just easier in my opinion. Also, if it ended up not being a good match/ not working out, it would be on me.
  6. I’m so excited for the Olympics to start! I cannot wait! I’m a huge Olympic fan, specifically the summer ones. My favorites to watch are gymnastics, swimming, diving, and beach volleyball. 2016-rio-olympics759-1
  7. I’m getting so excited for my trip to Europe. I’m going on a cruise around the Greek Isles leaving from Italy. I’ve been counting down the days since we first booked the trip and now it’s finally coming near! Only a little over two weeks until I leave. My friend is currently in Europe, visiting Italy and Greece. seeing all her pictures just make me more excited. I’m so jealous I’m not there now like her though.
  8. I actually went to Italy over Easter break with my school. It was so amazing and I was so grateful for the opportunity to go. It is SUCH a beautiful country and I cannot wait to be back, even if it is just for a short while. I’ve been dreaming of the delicious pizza and gelato I ate while exploring with some of my best friends.

    Alright, I’ll stop there with those beautiful Italy pictures. I don’t know what is prettier, the food or the scenery 😉 So, that’s all that is on my mind at the moment. Thank you again to Amanda for hosting this linkup for us to share our thoughts with each other.

That’s all I have for today but first tell me..

  • What is your favorite Olympic’s event? My favorite is gymnastics.
  • Do you procrastinate things that overwhelm you? Guilty
  • What is your favorite place that you’ve traveled to? I can’t choose! I’ve been to quite a few amazing places.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love watching the olympics! My favorite sports are gymnastics and swimming 🙂

    Edye |


    1. They are the best right!?


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