Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Let’s make this week a good one. Monday’s are a fresh start, a chance to start over and be better than you were last week. Set some goals for the week and work to achieve them!

Today I’m going to be recapping my weekend. It was kind of eventful since I went away to Princeton for some of Saturday and Sunday for a triathlon!


This morning I woke up, and went downstairs to eat breakfast with my sister. She didn’t have to be in until later that day so we were able to hang out together in the morning and early afternoon. We caught up on Baby Daddy and then went for a short, easy bike ride and walk around our neighborhood. Then, we came home and rehydrated before heading over to an outdoor yoga class at my favorite yoga studio! It was SO HOT out and the sun was directly on us the whole time. We got so sweaty and our mats were burning our feet as we stepped back into warrior poses.

Despite the extreme heat and sun, I had a lot of fun and loved the class! We focused on happiness and incorporated the top 3 things that bring happiness to people. Music, dancing, and hugging. The hugs were sweaty of course, and we enjoyed a dance party before laying down for savasana. I definitely felt happier at the end!

We headed home to take much needed showers and my sister got ready for work. We had lunch and then she had to go catch her train. Shortly after, I headed to the town pool for about 2 hours before having to go home. As I mentioned last week, my sister usually teaches a 4:30 yoga class which I sign in. This week my mom was subbing for her since she had to work. After my mom’s class we headed home and I tried to practice some handstands outside but it was way too hot, even at 6:15. My dad cooked up a yummy dinner of turkey burgers, corn on the cobb, and grilled veggies 🙂 Then, my mom and I hit the couch to watch some Gilmore Girls before having dessert and heading upstairs.


Saturday morning I woke up pretty early and went downstairs to lay on the couch and drink some tea while I waited for my mom to wake up and come downstairs. When she woke up, we ate breakfast together then headed out for a short walk around the neighborhood before meeting up with my sister and heading to yoga class. We ended up running a little late and made it to class just on time, luckily they usually start a couple minuets late to let us latecomers in! After class, my mom and I headed straight to my therapist appointment where we met up with my dad.

When we got home from that we showered, ate lunch, and packed everything up to head to Princeton! The drive was luckily not long and we didn’t hit any traffic. We went right to the race site where we met my aunt and her friend for the packet pick up and athlete meeting. We went right before it ended so it wasn’t super crowded which was good. We walked around there a bit; all the racers surveying the lake, figuring out the swim course. Then we headed over to our hotel to check in. We hung out there for a bit, ate some snacks, helped each other settle into the rooms, and walked around the hotel a bit.

We decided to head into downtown Princeton around 6:00 to walk around and find a place to eat. After trying a couple places with long waits or unappealing menus, we found an excellent restaurant which fortunately had a cancellation and was able to seat us right away! We ate at Agricola which I highly recommend if you are ever in the area. All the ingredients are farm fresh and locally sourced and you could tell in the quality of the food. Everything was so fresh and delicious. Sadly I forgot to take pictures but the restaurant was so cute and the food looked as delicious as it tasted! I ordered the baby lettuce salad to start and then split the Margherita flatbread pizza with my mom. They were both absolutely delicious and once again, so fresh!

After dinner, we walked around the town a bit before heading back to our car. The town was SO CUTE! I loved it here! Kinda wish I was going to Princeton! Then we headed back to the hotel, had some Lenny and Larry cookies with peanut butter, and headed to bed pretty early to rest up for the day ahead.


Al the racers woke up around 5 to get ready and head over to the race. My dad and I got to sleep in until 7. I woke up, got ready, packed some breakfast and was ready to go. I ate my breakfast on the road. My dad and I were hoping to get to the race by 7:30 but ended up running behind schedule at the hotel between forgetting things and just moving a little slower than expected, and then had trouble finding our way into the park since some of the entrances were a part of the bike course and were closed off. Sadly, we didn’t make it in time to see them before they got into the water but made it just in time to see them all coming out!

I watched them all finish the swim and transition onto the next leg of the race, the bike! While they were biking, my dad left to go get a coffee and I walked around the park for a bit. It was a really nice, big park! Then I headed over to where the bike ended, when I thought my sister would be finishing up and sure enough, within 5 minuets she was passing through to tradition to the run. My other family members and friends were not too far behind and I once again cheered them all on as they passed. My dad hit traffic trying to get back, since a lot of the roads were being shared by the racers and some lanes were closed. While they headed out on the run, I headed off to the parking lot to see if I could find him driving in. Sure enough, right as I passed to lot and turned back around, he came. I especially needed to find him since he had all my water that I packed for the day and I really needed it! It was another 90 degree day, not ideal for racing or spectating!

We headed back over to the main area and stood by the run hallway point to see them all pass again. We must’ve just missed my sister because her friend who was not far behind her, was just passing when we got there. After we saw everyone else pass, we headed to the finish line to wait for my sister who would be finishing any minuet. We watched and cheered for everyone else as they finished and then hung around the race for a while. The racers needed to rehydrate and refuel, change, go to the bathroom, pick up all their stuff, check out their times, and of course take some pictures :).

Finally around 12, we headed to the car. A few hours in the sun is brutal so we all really needed some cooler temperatures and my mom and sister really needed some rest. We went back to our hotel to shower and checkout before heading back downtown for lunch. We went to a deli that we had seen the night before and on yelp that sounded good. It was called Olives and was the perfect place to grab a quick lunch! They had a ton of great options, from prepared foods, hot food, cold food, to sandwiches. My mom, sister and I all ordered custom wraps which were basically the same. I got a whole wheat wrap with turkey, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and honey mustard. We also bought a bag of pita chips which all four of us shared. It was so good, we all enjoyed it! This was the one thing I actually remembered to take a picture ofIMG_2799.JPG

Then, we hit the road to go back home. We made good time again and hit minimal traffic. When we got home, we hung around the house a bit and unpacked. Then, we went to get some Starbucks and for pedicures! I love pedicures, and they were much needed after this morning. We love our foot massages! When we got home, I did a short 30 minuet yoga flow video while my dad cooked dinner. We ate a delicious dinner of one of our favorite meals, grilled balsamic chicken caprese with sweet potato hash browns and grilled asparagus. After dinner we hung out for a bit and watched some Celebrity Family Feud! The celebrity version is really entertaining. We watch a lot of Family Feud in my house haha. Then, as usual, we ate dessert and headed up to bed as I finish up the blog post.

Okay, that’s it for my weekend. It was great weekend for me and boy am I tired now. After an early morning spent on my feet in the sun, I am wiped out. I’m going to head to sleep now.

Talk to you guys tomorrow!




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  1. Lyss says:

    sounds like such a fun weekend! an outdoor yoga class sounds amazing. I need to see if my studio does that! handstands are so tough compared to headstands. I’ve been working on those too and trying to balance- def takes a lot of practice!


    1. I know right! Headstands have so much more stability and I always fall right away in handstand. Hopefully one day I will hold it


  2. I love all of the family time you managed over the weekend! Busy but full of love and good company. 🙂


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