Top 3 Friday 7/22

Happy Friday everyone! Time for the weekend, wooo! I’m going away for Saturday evening and most of Sunday for the triathlon. I hope you have fun plans for this weekend. Today I’m linking up with Kate again for a Top 3 Friday post. I love to read these posts and it’s fun to reflect on my week through this post. Thanks for hosting us!

Top 3 Eats:

  1. Frozen yogurt the other night. I love fryo, I mean, who doesn’t?! My favorite flavors are vanilla or peanut butter and my favorite toppings are cookie dough, reeves, and sprinkles!image.jpeg
  2. One of my favorite dinners, balsamic roasted chicken and vegetables. We follow this recipe and I HIGHLY recommend. It is absolutely delicious. I love anything balsamic and roasted veggies make me happy. This combination is BOMB. I didn’t take a picture of it so I stole the one from their website. I also had a multigrain rice medley with this for the perfect meal.balsamicchickenandvegetables-550x825
  3. Sweet potato waffle fries! We had these as a side for another super delicious dinner the other night but these stole the show, especially since we hadn’t had them in a while. So yummy! (I forgot to take a picture again, thank goodness for google)images

Top 3 Lows:

  1. I’m still not caught up on all my TV shows! I need to watch almost the entire season of Royal Pains, which sadly is the last, and has already ended. I also need to catch up on the last two episodes of Baby Daddy. I always forget to watch them. I could use a rainy day inside to catch up!
  2. Yesterday I received an email from my school informing us of a reading assignment. I thought I was finally done with those after high school! Oh well, hopefully it won’t be too bad.
  3. The other night at the Coldplay concert, the girl sitting behind me dropped her ice cream in my hair. It was right after we sat down too! It wasn’t a lot but still annoying because I just washed my fair and picking out sprinkles wasn’t too fun. The girl did;t even say anything until I felt my hair and noticed it in there.

Top 3 Highs:

  1. I usually babysit Tuesday nights but the mom texted me Monday night saying they didn’t need me this week! That was a nice surprise, especially since my sister was coming home for the night for the last time before leaving for upstate for the rest of the summer.
  2. Of course the Coldplay concert was a high! I had so much fun that night and it was great seeing my friends! I hadn’t seen them in a while because of our conflicting schedules. It was nice to have a night of dancing and singing to one of our favorite bands.
  3. This week I welcomed 3 new yoga pose variations and transitions into my practice. I got a drop back into full wheel, the extended arm version of tripod headstand that I showed yesterday, and just earlier today, tripod headstand into side crow! It is incredible what our bodies are capable of!

Top 3 Reads:

  1. A great post from Emmy this week. I was happy to see a new post from her this week. I agree with everything she has to say in this post!
  2. I loved this post from Alison earlier this week. So many people fall into the idea of restricting their diet and working out extra to compensate for indulging on vacation, when in reality that is ridiculous. Our bodies are smart and know how to take care of themselves, as long as we fuel them properly and treat them with respect.
  3. I also really enjoyed Kate’s pizza taste test recap. I loved hearing out the whole experience. It’s interesting how we think we prefer one thing to another but after blindly tasting them, it turns out you were wrong!

Top 3 Instagrams:


That’s all for today! Hope you all have an amazing weekend! I’ll talk to you all Monday but first..

Tell me:

  • What’s your favorite froyo topping?
  • Do you have any exciting weekend plans?
  • What is the last concert you went to?




10 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate Bennett says:

    My favorite topping on froyo is walnuts! I love the crunch they add. Whipped cream is essential too.
    I love Coldplay! I’ve seen videos of their live concerts and Chris Martin looks like he has so much fun!


    1. He does! He put on such a great show! So much energy!


  2. Lyss says:

    Yay for fro yo and sweet potato fries! Both my faves 🙂 Congrats on the new poses! That’s always a great feeling. Hope you have a great weekend!!


    1. Some of my faves too 🙂 Thank you, you too!!


  3. Ellie says:

    Hey if they ice cream she dropped in your hair was vanilla with sprinkles, I probably would have eaten it =P That said, my favorite topping would be sprinkles or Cool Whip. I hate cherries though.
    I’ve never been to a concert and actually don’t listen to much music. The only concerts I go to are the free ones my town hosts every Thursday. It’s just fun to hang out and the bands are really good!
    Have a great weekend!


    1. That’s awesome that your town has free concerts! I’m jealous!


  4. Ohh, froyo. Heaven in a little paper cup 🙂 My favourite toppings is cheesecake chunks!
    I must say, I envy your yoga achievements! You’re amazing!


  5. Oh my goodness it is my DREAM to go to Banff— such a beautiful place! And sorry to hear about the lows, but at least you got to see Coldplay live 🙂 Thanks for sharing my link, girl ♥︎


    1. It looks beautiful! I would love to go!!


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