Hi guys, happy hump day! Today I’m popping in to share a full day of eats from this week. This is my first What I Ate Wednesday post and I had some trouble remembering to take pictures of what I ate. A lot of times I had to go back after and take picture of the things. In the future I think I might transition into sharing various eats from throughout the week rather than one particular day.

Alright let’s get to the food!


This was one meal that I actually remembered taking a picture of but now that I’m looking, I deleted the picture! I sent all the pictures from my phone to my laptop and then deleted them all from my phone but I guess I forgot to send this picture. Wow, good one Michelle. That’s okay though, I’ll just tell you what it was.

I had something different today. Usually I have a more sweet breakfast but today I was in the mood for something savory, which rarely happens in the morning. I had an egg white and spinach omelette, an english muffin with avocado, some watermelon, and orange juice! I also have a cup of green tea every morning.


Usually after a walk I have my protein shake but today I wanted to change things up again. Mainly because I didn’t have a banana with breakfast and I love bananas. I usually have one every day! So morning snack today was a banana with peanut butter.IMG_2651


Since I had the savory breakfast I needed a more sweet lunch. This is one of my favorite ways to have yogurt and would definitely recommend trying this! I use vanilla greek yogurt, a packet of oatmeal, and almond butter. I like to make it a couple hours in advance to let everything sit and marinate together. The oatmeal gets soft and it stays cold, just how I like it. Don’t let its appearance fool you, this seriously tastes amazing! I paired it with some pretzels and carrots, which I like to dip in for some bites 😉



My mom and I grabbed a quick snack to have on our way to yoga and we both opted for a peach. These peaches were huge, you can’t really tell in the picture. They weren’t the best peaches though, they weren’t juicy, how we like them 😦IMG_2655


This night my dad made one of my favorite meals! Barbecue chicken, grilled asparagus, and sweet potato hash browns. I forgot to take a picture, of course, BUT lucky for us I had an old picture of almost the exact same meal, except with a purple sweet potato rather than shredded. I had taken a picture of this a couple weeks ago when we had it because the potato was so pretty and I wanted to send my sister a picture to make her jealous since she wasn’t home yet. I also had a salad of romaine with croutons and honey mustard dressing on the side and some Snapple to drink! IMG_2509

By the way my dad’s sweet potato hash browns are amazing, like seriously addicting! He just peels the potato, cuts them into quarters, then puts them through the shredder on the food processor. Then, he cooks them in a pan with olive oil and that’s it! SO GOOD ❤


This night I had a baked cookies and cream quest bar with both white and dark chocolate peanut butter. I take A LOT more white chocolate though because it’s just so good! I always go back for more haha. I washed it down with some almond milk as well. IMG_2658

Well, that’s everything that I ate on this particular day! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and seeing some of the foods I like to eat.

Tell me:

  • What’s your favorite peanut butter flavor?
  • Is there a food you can’t go one day without?

Talk to you soon!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lyss says:

    Favorite peanut butter flavor is probably justin’s vanilla almond butter! One food I can’t go without is bananas. I feel like I have at least one a day haha. Have a good day girly!


    1. I’ve only had samples of that almond butter but it is so good! Thanks, you too! 🙂


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