Weekend Recap

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I know mine was good. Part was low key and relaxing but then last night I had some fun and excitement! I would’ve written this up last night and posted it early today but I didn’t get home until after midnight and crawled straight into bed.


Friday morning I woke up and ate breakfast with my mom. A little bit after that I got dressed and my dad and I went for a walk around a lake in our town. We’ve been doing this a lot lately and I love it! I love getting out in nature early in the day before its too hot out and having some quality time with a family member.

After the walk I came home and practiced my handstands for a while in my backyard. I’m getting close but still can’t hold one for long and it’s only on rare occupancy that I am able to do that. That’s why I practice, to get better and do hard things that I never thought I could.


After that, my mom got home from her bike ride and we drank our beloved protein shakes together. Later, we went to the mall to look at bathing suits (with no luck, everywhere was already pretty much sold out.) and look for some goggle cleaner for my moms upcoming race.

Then, our stomachs told us it was time to go and we headed home for some lunch. My mom had a doctors appointment but I wanted to sit by the pool for a little bit since it was so hot out! So, we both got changed and headed over to the town pool. This past weekend was in the 90s everyday! After only sitting there for about 15 minuets we were sweating and needed to jump in. Then, it was time for my moms appointment so she left and I stayed to read and swim some more.

After about an hour and a half by the pool I had  my dad pick me up since I had yoga at 4:30. My sister teaches the class and I sign it in so we have to get there early to unlock the studio and greet the people coming in.

After yoga we went home for dinner. This night we ordered pizza from a local restaurant. We ordered one Margherita and one plain and a caprese salad to share. The mozzarella in the salad always gets to me because it is so fresh! They give like a full large ball of it and then you cut into it and it is so soft inside and delicious! Of course the pizza is amazing too, it is pizza 😉

Then, I retired to the couch and finished up the book I was reading the past couple days, Luckiest Girl Alive. We put on some Gilmore Girls, ate dessert, and called it a night.


Saturday morning started the same as the day before: breakfast with mom and a walk with dad. When I got back my mom was still out biking with my aunt, they had a 2.5 hour bike scheduled this day. I knew we wouldn’t have time to go to yoga that day and I didn’t get home from my walk in time to go to the class I was considering going to. I put on a 40 minute video which I did outside and let’s say it got a little sweaty (I barely sweat) since it was once again almost 90 degrees, even at 10:30 am. My video ended almost the same time my mom returned so we both showered and made our shakes. I had a therapy session at 12 so my mom, dad, and I headed off to there.IMG_8106

After that my mom and I took a trip to target to look for a new chair for the pool. We had no luck as all the chairs and summer supplies were gone and replaced by back to school. How exciting! -_-They always rush to put that stuff out, it feels like summer just started, let’s relax and enjoy it before we start stressing about school supplies! Then we stopped by the Vitamin Shoppe to replenish our supplies in a couple things.

We made it home and ate lunch before heading to the pool again. We hung out there swimming and reading for a couple hours before he left to have a snack and go get foot reflexology massages. Then, it was time to head home for dinner.

My dad cooked a yummy meal on the grill which we ate outside on our deck. After dinner, we showered again and then took it to the couch but shockingly, no Gilmore Girls tonight! My sister and I finished an episode of Royal Pains that we started a couple weeks ago. We are so behind and really need to catch up! Then we watched an episode of Baby Daddy which I also needed to catch up on. Then we had our night snack and I headed up to my bed to watch my nightly episodes of The Office.


Once again, I rolled out of bed and ate breakfast with my mom but today I went to walk around a different lake with her while she did her programmed run. It was so hot out already, and we got there at 9! After, we came home, I did my handstands, showered, and shaked. Then, we headed over to an 11:30 yoga class. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it in a post before but I love yoga! It has helped me so much, particularly with my recovery. I could do an entire post on what yoga has taught me/ done for me if anyone is interested! I do yoga daily, unless I really am not able to find time to practice.

After class, my mom, sister, and I decided to go get some Panera for lunch. It’s part of my ‘switching up meals’ /’incorporating more challenge foods’ (as was the pizza), and I’m not complaining! I love Panera but hadn’t had it in months! I got half the strawberry poppyseed chicken salad and half the mediterranean veggie sandwich. I’d never had that salad before but had heard a lot of good things. And OMG, it was so good! I don’t know why I have never had this before!! Definitely will get again 10/10 recommend.

Then, we went to the mall because I had plans for the night and didn’t have anything to wear. Part of my yoga obsession has caused my wardrobe to be taken over by yoga clothes (mainly lululemon, the love of my life). I’m not at all complaining because comfy clothes= the best clothes. But, I did need a new pair of high waisted shorts because I always wear the same pair and they don’t even fir me that well.

After going to a bunch of stores and having a hard time finding a pair I liked/ that fit, we finally settled on a green pair from American Eagle. I’m very tall, 5’8, so finding a pair that wasn’t too short and that was actually high waisted was a struggle. Even the pair I did get was not that high waisted, but definitely higher than others I tried.

We picked up some Starbucks (another one of my obsessions) before I had to go home to get ready. I showered again, had a quick snack, did my hair and makeup, and got dressed, to be at my friends house at 5. When I got there, my best friend walked outside her house in the EXACT same pair of shorts as me! She also had gone earlier in the day to buy them. It was so funny and I joked with her the whole night that her shorts were ugly.

Anyway, you might be wondering where it is we were going. Well, we were going to the Coldplay concert!! We were so excited and had been wanting to go since we first heard about the concert. We bought our tickets kind of last minuet but we always knew we were going. I went with two of my best friends and two of their friends from work. It was the first time I met their friends from work and they were both really nice!

We got to the concert around 6:15 and it was starting at 7 so we just hung out in the parking lot taking pictures for a while. Then, we went in, picked up our wristbands that lit up during the concert, and found our seats.


I don’t want to make this post even more of a book than it already is so I won’t spend forever talking about the concert. It was a great concert. They really put on a great show and I’m so glad we went. I love their music and have always been a fan so it was awesome to see them live. We sang and danced all night like we were on the floor even though our seats were at the VERY top. We made it out without hitting any of the usual post concert traffic and I was home in bed by 12:15. It was a late night for me, but 100% worth it and now I’m in post concert depression.

Okay, so that was my weekend! Did you do anything fun this weekend? Sadly, my mom goes back to work this week, so I won’t be able to hang around with her everyday.

Sorry again that this post is going up so late! I started it right after breakfast and had every intention of getting it up by late morning but never ended up finishing the post until late in the day.



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  1. Lyss says:

    sounds like a great weekend! I love yoga too. It has really helped me. So fun you went to the coldplay concert! I love them so much. And proud of you for incorporating more challenge meals! that is awesome


    1. The concert was amazing!


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